Mortgage Fraud

Miami, Florida is the mortgage fraud capital of the world. Currently, there are more mortgage fraud cases than the city’s law enforcement can investigate and prosecute thoroughly. If you find yourself in the middle of a mortgage fraud accusation, it is imperative to have a seasoned criminal defense attorney, with an intimate knowledge of the criminal justice system, who can effectively defend your case or negotiate it down to a palatable plea bargain.

Mortgage fraud is prosecuted in both the State and the Federal Court system. Typically, sentences issued in Federal Court are far longer than those given in the State Court System, where guidelines for white-collar crimes are more stringent and less subject to manipulation. Whether charges are filed in State or Federal Court is part of the pre-indictment negotiations, which is why it is critical to hire an attorney at the earliest possible stage. A skilled defense attorney can be the deciding factor between a minor charge filed in State Court with a probation plea and a lengthy term assigned to a Federal Prison.

The State Attorney’s Office, FBI and Local Police Departments operate task forces specifically dedicated to mortgage fraud, all of which have a wide-reaching jurisdiction. They can obtain bank records, mortgage applications and supporting documents without the mortgage holder or broker being made aware of the investigation. Further, the task forces have the ability to determine if, when and how a case is to be investigated, charged or prosecuted.

The attorneys of Barakat Law are uniquely positioned to evaluate and defend these cases. As a former Economic Crime prosecutor, Mr. Barakat is familiar with many of the investigative techniques used to build a mortgage fraud case.

If you have been accused of mortgage fraud or if you think you may be accused, meet with a lawyer at Barakat Law today and get resolution quickly.