Economic Crimes

Economic crimes such as mortgage fraud, check kiting, real estate fraud, Ponzi schemes, investment fraud, or theft on an ambitious scale require a different analysis than violent or narcotic crimes as oftentimes the key to the case lies in the paperwork. The attorneys at Barakat Law are well versed in ‘following the money’ and making sure that law enforcement officials adhere to the appropriate procedures when executing search warrants and subpoenas in pursuit of a suspect’s records.

As a former member of the Economic Crimes Unit at the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office, Brian Barakat has often guest lectured on such topics as credit card fraud, computer crime, and search and seizure of digital evidence. His experience within the field of economic crime allows him to be a leading source of aid for anyone finding themself in a legal predicament of this nature.

If you have been accused of an economic crime, you should seek an attorney with the experience to provide you with the right footing on this rocky terrain.

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