Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is an emerging field in the arena of law. If you are accused of a crime that involves a computer or where portions of the evidence being offered against you is alleged to have been found on a computer, you would want to contact an attorney with a wealth of experience and knowledge in cyber crime law.

Brian Barakat is extremely well versed in all aspects of cyber crime. He helped form the Cyber Crime Unit of the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office. Today, Mr. Barakat still continues to lecture both lawyers and law enforcement professionals from all over the world on the topics of computer crime and the use of digital evidence in law.

Mr. Barakat knows that the rules and regulations related to the gathering and admissibility of digital evidence are often completely unique or specialized adaptations of existing rules. Federal laws such as the Patriot Act, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, The Privacy Protection Act, the Cable Protection Act and many others come into play during the prosecution of cyber crime cases. For example, the use of digital photography and the admission of digital photographs fall under cyber crime law and require a different approach in each case as to whether or not the photographs can be used as admissible evidence. Mr. Barakat’s article, “The Authentication of Digital Photographs Under the Pictorial Testimony Theory,” is widely reproduced and cited by judges and attorneys across the country.

Moreover, while many lawyers have read these laws or have attended courses on them, it bears repeating that Mr. Barakat has prosecuted and defended multiple computer crime cases and is a leader in this field. He has briefed, argued and taught the law associated with cyber crime. Local, State and Federal law enforcement often use search warrants initially drafted by Mr. Barakat while he served as a prosecutor at the Miami-Dade County State Attorney’s Office.

If you are accused of computer fraud, eBay fraud, possession of digital contraband, hacking or theft of services, contact Barakat Law for a consultation.