Real Estate

The fluctuations in the real estate market have spawned a massive amount of litigation. Breaches of real estate contracts, disputes over pre-construction deposits and quiet title actions are just a few of the myriad of litigation categories that have cropped up in recent years. There are volumes of state and federal statutes that define party rights under these contracts. The Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act, the Florida Condominium Act, the Real Estate Sales Protection Act and Truth in Lending Act are just a few of the code sections that define the rights and duties of people involved in real estate transactions.

At Barakat Law we have litigated under these codes in both state and federal courts. We have the experience that comes form having been to court at the trial and appellate levels, where we have found out firsthand the opinions of judges and juries on such items from the interoperation of these codes to the fact patterns that often confront those who conduct real estate business in Miami-Dade County.

Let us put that experience to work for you.