Federal charges brought in Miami bank fraud case

Nine defendants are facing charges of bank fraud in Miami in what authorities say was a scam to obtain a $12 million line of credit, the Miami Herald reported.

A federal criminal defense lawyer in Miami should always be called to handle allegations of fraud charges brought by federal authorities. Ponzi schemes, fraud charges and other allegations are being brought by authorities with alarming regularity. Having given money to anyone with a pulse during the boom years, banks are now crying foul as more and more of these undocumented loans collapse.

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Record seizures reported in Medicare Fraud cases for 2010; Miami leads nation

The federal government has announced that law enforcement recovered more than $4 billion related to health care fraud in 2010.

As our Miami defense lawyers have reported on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, more Medicare fraud allegations are made in South Florida than anywhere else in the nation. Whether you are a patient who has been accused or victimized, or whether you are a clinic, equipment provider or health care professional, seeking qualified legal representation is critical from the earliest stages of such cases.

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Miami computer crimes and holiday season often go hand-in-hand

Our Miami computer crimes attorneys have reported here before on the risk of being charged or victimized by cyber crime and that risk can be particularly acute after the holidays. In many cases, consumers may find unrecognized charges on their credit or debit accounts. Or they may have not received the promised goods from an Internet purchase or auction.

In still other cases, a new computer in the house can pose a security risk if not properly protected.

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Miami DUI-Drug charges a holiday danger

Authorities have announced increased traffic enforcement through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, including an emphasis on making drunk driving arrests in Miami and seeking charges against those believed to be operating under the influence of drugs.

Our Miami drunk driving defense attorneys will be available through the holidays. The issue of DUI-Drugs continues to evolve but authorities are more frequently alleging drug use in traffic stops that do not result in an arrest for drunk driving. The Miami New Times recently reported on the case of a South Beach promoter who was accused of being under the influence of drugs after a breathalyzer revealed he was not over the legal limit.

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Thousands beat DUI charges in Miami, Fort Lauderdale each year

The holiday season is upon us and law enforcement will be out in force looking for drunk drivers and conducting sobriety checkpoints. The Miami DUI Defense Lawyers at Brakat Law want you to know that we are here to assist you through the holidays.

Being charged with drunk driving can be a difficult an uncertain time. Do not complicate matters by failing to fight to retain your right to drive and to keep your driving record clean. Lawmakers continue to increase the penalties for drunk driving and having a conviction on your record is a good way to be stopped and cited again.

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