Miami Cyber Crimes Defense Important as Cases Get More Attention

Crimes classified as cyber crimes — including security breaches online — have a large financial impact on the companies that are hacked, possibly as much as $1 trillion globally, a recent CNN article says.

As cyber crimes continue to get attention in the news media, prosecutors and judges will be more and more likely to drop the hammer on sentencing people charged with these crimes. That’s why hiring an experienced Miami Computer Crimes Lawyer is so important to make sure your rights and upheld and all avenues for defending these charges are explored. As we reported last year here on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, Florida is among the nation’s leaders in the origination of computer crimes.

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Miami Identity Theft Ring Busted; Tips to Prevent Being a Victim

Three British nationals were arrested recently and charged with using counterfeit credit and debit cards to make ATM withdrawals in Miami Beach, according to The Miami Herald.

The case underscores the need for a strong criminal defense attorney in the midst of computer-related crimes. And Miami credit card fraud attorneys are prepared to help. But for victims, hiring an attorney who knows all about these types of crimes can help you make a recovery and restore your credit.

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Miami Ponzi Scheme Allegations Require Experienced Defense

Four additional people are likely to be charged in a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme conducted by a former Fort Lauderdale attorney, The Miami Herald is reporting.

While the news seems to be filled with allegations of people conducting Ponzi schemes to rip off investors, these cases are very complex, often with thousands of pages of documents, multiple limited liability companies set up for investors and millions of dollars.

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New State Attorney Program Gives Miami DUI Suspects A Break

NBC News reports that the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office has recently come up with a new program that would keep DUI convictions off first-time offenders’ records.

While this sounds like a break if you’ve been arrested, an experienced Miami DUI attorney would be skeptical of such a program. Don’t automatically take this deal if you’re arrested for DUI in Miami. Do your research and contact someone who can assess all aspects of your case. Frequently such programs are difficult to complete and just lead to additional legal problems down the road.

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Police Stand Trial in Broward Mortgage Fraud Case

Six current and former law enforcement officers are on trial for mortgage fraud in Fort Lauderdale, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

We continue to read about and hear about an increasing number of state and federal fraud cases connected to the economic downturn and the collapse of the real estate market. Our Miami criminal defense attorneys know that a number of real estate agents, mortgage professionals and even attorneys have been accused of fraud in connection during the boom years. Struggling Florida homeowners and many other defendants are guilty of nothing more than making bad investment decisions or of being caught up in the economic downturn.

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