Suspected Mortgage Fraud in Miami, Florida, Highest Nationwide

A new recently released report by the FBI, called the 2010 Mortgage Fraud Report, revealed that Florida, and specifically the Miami and Tampa areas, are the number one places in the country for mortgage fraud.

The recent Federal Bureau of Investigation report will no doubt cause this agency and local law enforcement to take an even closer look at any mortgage transaction when a person loses money. There have been many instances of investment transactions that went south after the economy crashed and led state or federal prosecutors to file baseless charges of mortgage fraud in Miami.

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Alleged Margate Ponzi Schemer Wanted for Extradition

A Margate man accused of conducting a Ponzi scheme that allegedly bilked investors out of millions may soon be extradited from Thailand to Broward County, The Sun-Sentinel reports.

Allegations of Ponzi Schemes in Miami have been blown out of proportion by the media. Too often, when an investment sours — as many have done in the wake of the economic downturn — criminal allegations are made. An experienced Miami Criminal Defense Attorney should be consulted if you are facing criminal charges involving fraud or other financial crimes.

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27 Accused of Mortgage Fraud in Miami, South Florida

In four separate indictments unsealed recently, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami is accusing 27 people in mortgage schemes against banks and South Florida homeowners, The Miami Herald reports. The charges range from mail fraud to insurance fraud to arson.

Mortgage fraud in Miami is a hot-button topic these days, with the media constantly reporting on the struggles of the real estate market in Miami and throughout the state. And seeing that coverage, law enforcement sometimes ramps up its efforts in order to make headlines of their own.

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Miami Drug Trafficking Convict Accused in Medicare Scheme

A man and his wife have been indicted by a federal grand jury in Miami on charges of conspiring to commit healthcare fraud, money launder and paying kickbacks to recruiters who allegedly supplied Medicare patients to the couple’s business for three years, the Miami Herald reports.

These are serious allegations — as federal criminal charges typically are — and must be defended as aggressively as they are prosecuted. That’s why hiring an experienced Miami Federal Criminal Defense Attorney is critical.

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Juvenile’s Conviction Reversed in Miami Appeals Court

The Third District Court of Appeals recently reversed a minor’s conviction of trespassing in Miami-Dade County based on the defense attorney’s assertion that the prosecution had failed to prove that the child ever entered the property.

In this case, the juvenile who is identified only as C.P. was “horsing around” with his friend on a lot, which contained a vacant mobile home. The mobile home was not located on a piece of private property, therefore the criminal offense of trespassing is defined by the child’s entry into the mobile home, and not the land surrounding the mobile home.

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