Miami public corruption cases deteriorates as prosecutors continue to drop charges

Charges have been dropped in the cases of five of eight public officials arrested in a high-profile Miami fraud investigation, the Herald reported.

The unraveling of the cases put together by a Miami police corruption squad illustrates the importance of hiring an experienced and aggressive Miami defense attorney when facing white collar crimes like corruption or fraud charges. This case is a prime example of why defendants need to vigorously defend themselves against unproven allegations made by law enforcement.

Most recently, charges were dropped against a former deputy director of the city’s General Services Administration after an assistant state attorney admitted the case lacked proper documentation and could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The arrests began to unravel as soon as the were announced; that same day, the state attorney’s office questioned four of them and subsequently announced its displeasure that the arrests were publicized.

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South Florida investment fraud scams abound; jeweler accused of $40 million Ponzi scheme

Bail has been set at $1 million for a Hialeah jeweler accused of federal criminal charges in Miami in connection with a $40 million ponzi scheme. The 39-year-old man surrendered to authorities and appeared before a U.S. magistrate, where he pleaded not guilty to the charges. Authorities allege he operated an investment scam that victimized 35 individuals, the Miami Herald reported.

As we continue to report on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog,ponzi scams and investment schemes are surfacing throughout South Florida and across the nation. In many cases, the downturn in the economy helped uncover the scams as plummeting property values and stock portfolios resulted in exposure. But, as authorities have grown more aggressive in prosecuting alleged investment scams, an increasing number of defendants are being unfairly targeted for making bad real estate or stock investments.

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School employee facing Miami fraud charges in connection with special-need scholarships

Miami fraud charges have been filed against a high-ranking administrator in the Miami-Dade school system, the Herald reported.

The woman is accused of taking public funds meant for disabled children and using the money to pay for her children’s tuition at a private school in Broward. These kinds of cases frequently involve someone who has little or no experience in the criminal justice system. Too often, they believe their best chance is to cooperate with authorities. However, it is important to remember that the authorities are charged with collecting evidence against you. That is their job. Hiring a Miami defense attorney experienced in protecting clients against fraud allegations is the best course of action.

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Miami computer company implicated in federal investment fraud case

The owner of a Miami Internet broadcasting company has been charged in an investment fraud scam that led to 13 arrests in Manhattan Wednesday, Business Week reported.

Those facing criminal charges in connection with investment fraud in Miami, or those victimized by investment scams, should contact an experienced law firm to discuss their rights. As we continue to report on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, more fraud cases are being exposed as a result of the economic downturn. And authorities are becoming more aggressive in accusing business executives of committing investment crimes.

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South Florida Ponzi scheme leads to 50-year prison sentence on fraud in racketeering charges

Scott Rothstein, the admitted mastermind of a $1.2 billion South Florida Ponzi scheme, has been sentenced to 50 years in federal prison after being convicted of fraud charges in Miami.

The deteriorating economy has forced many of these schemes to come to light, as plummeting stock values and real estate losses stemmed the flow of cash available to continue the scams. As we reported recently on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, more than $1.2 billion in claims have been filed against Rothstein’s estate, which is valued at less than $500 million. Hiring an experienced Miami attorney is critical for South Florida victims seeking to recover losses in the wake of an investment scam. Additionally, as the government continues to aggressively pursue such cases, more and more defendants are finding themselves in legal trouble as a result of bad investments or soured real estate deals; in those cases, hiring an experienced Miami defense lawyer is vital to protecting your rights.

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