Thirteen face federal mail fraud charges in connection with mortgage fraud scheme in Broward and Palm Beach counties

Thirteen South Florida residents face federal criminal charges in connection with a mortgage fraud scheme in Broward and Palm Beach Counties, according to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

A federal criminal defense attorney in Miami will take a hard look at this case and conduct a thorough review of the allegations. Federal conspiracy charges can be particularly challenging because they don’t even require that a crime be committed — only that a defendant intended or planned to engage in an illegal activity. This makes it a favorite of federal prosecutors. Obstruction of justice is also alleged and this charge is frequently lodged against a defendant who refused to cooperate with investigators and/or testify against co-defendants. A defendant has that right and a Miami defense lawyer experienced in fighting federal charges can frequently seek to have such charges dismissed.

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Ten arrested on South Florida mortgage fraud charges for alleged scheme in Miami-Dade and Broward counties

Ten people were arrested on Friday on charges alleging their involvement in a mortgage fraud and identity theft ring in Miami-Dade and Broward counties, the Miami Herald reported.

Our Miami mortgage fraud defense lawyers have reported extensively on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog about the high number of fraud cases in South Florida. One raid last month netted almost 100 defendants charged with mortgage fraud and real estate fraud. Having given loans to anyone with a pulse during the boom years, the banks are now crying foul and seeking criminal charges in the face of a record number of soured loans. Many of these defendants are guilty of nothing more than getting caught up in the unprecedented real estate bust. They have suffered heavy financial losses and are now finding themselves under criminal indictment. Hiring an experienced and aggressive Miami criminal defense lawyer to deal with charges involving mortgage fraud or real estate fraud is essential to protecting your rights.

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Nearly 100 arrested in South Florida during massive nationwide raid targeting mortgage fraud

The U.S. Justice Department has announced the arrests of nearly 500 people in a nationwide crackdown on mortgage scams, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Hiring a Miami mortgage fraud attorney is critical to protecting your rights as a homeowner or as a defendant suspected of participating in a mortgage fraud scam. As we reported recently on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, Florida leads the nation in mortgage fraud cases. As homeowners struggle to retain ownership of their property, they may fall victim to scams. Meanwhile, the aggressive tactics of law enforcement are leading to more and more arrests of agents, brokers and others who are accused of mortgage fraud. In many cases, they may be guilty of nothing more than being victimized by the unprecedented downturn in the real estate market.

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Miami credit card fraud could signal thousands have been victimized by identity theft in South Florida

A Miami man is facing federal fraud charges in connection with a South Florida computer crimes case involving stolen credit card information, according to the Attorney General’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

Our Miami computer crimes attorneys continue to report the large number of charges involving computer crimes in South Florida. As we reported on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, federal investigators estimate that nearly one-third of the nation’s computer crimes originate in Florida.

In this case, the defendant was charged with conspiracy to traffic in unauthorized credit card numbers and to possess unauthorized credit card numbers with intent to defraud; trafficking in unauthorized credit card numbers; and fraudulent possession of equipment to make credit cards. The indictment alleges that the crimes occurred from November 2007 to May 2009 and involved purchasing credit card information that has been stolen and fraudulently obtained through the Internet. He allegedly resold the information to others, who used it to make fraudulent purchases. He is also accused of manufacturing cards using the stolen information. Authorities claim he purchased 26,669 credit card numbers over the course of the scheme.

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El fraude de tarjetas de credito en Miami, puede significar tambien que miles de personas han sido victima del robo de identidad en el sur de la Florida.

Un hombre de Miami enfrenta cargos federales de fraude en el sur de la Florida, en coneccion con un caso de fraude de computadoras,el cual involucraba el robo de informacion de tarjetas de credito, de acuerdo con la fiscalia del distrito sur de la Florida.

Nuestros abogados especializados en crimenes de computadoras en Miami, continuan reportando el gran numero de encausamientos en el sur de la Florida por concepto de crimenes de computadoras. Segun reportamos en nuestro Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, los investigadores federales estiman que cerca de un tercio de los crimenes relacionados con computadoras se originan en la Florida.

En este caso, el acusado fue encausado por conspiracion para traficar con numeros de tarjetas de credito sin autorizacion, y de posesion denumeros de tarjetas de credito sin autorizacion con intencion de cometer fraude; traficar con numeros de tarjetas de credito sin autorizacion y posesion fraudulenta de equipos para fabricar tarjetas de credito. El encausamiento alega que los crimenes fueron cometidos entre Noviembre del 2007 y Mayo del 2009, e involucraban la compra de informacion de tarjetas de credito que habian sido robadas y obtenidas fraudulentamente a traves de la Internet. El sujeto alegadamente revendio la informacion a otros, que la usaron para efectuar compras fraudulentas. Tambien se le acusa de fabricar tarjetas usando la informacion robada. Las autoridades consideran que el acusado compro 26,669 numeros de tarjetas de credito durante el curso del esquema.

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