Miami Resident Charged Criminally and Jailed for Following Bad Advice

Our Miami criminal defense attorneys offer confidential appointments to anyone charged with mortgage fraud for allegedly making false statements on loan applications. Please give us a call.

We continue to be amazed that banks can make these allegations with a straight face. And that prosecutors are actually willing to go to court. Everyone who has ever exaggerated their income in filling out an application for a home loan or credit card should turn themselves in at the prosecutor’s office. Let’s all go down there and wait in the lobby, shall we?

Shame on the banks for not verifying income. If you think these are all big multi-million dollar schemes involving straw buyers and property flipping, think again.

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Miami Medicare fraud charges can harm patients, taxpayers, reputable doctors and clinics

Several South Florida defendants are facing federal fraud charges in Miami as part of a raid targeting Medicare scams that cost the government more than $250 million and led to criminal charges against 94 people, the Associated Press reported.

As our Miami criminal defense lawyers have reported here on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, federal authorities contend that health care fraud has replaced drug trafficking as the most profitable crime in South Florida. Nationwide, Medicare fraud is a $60 billion crime. Yet, even as the government emphasizes more arrests and prosecutions, just three field inspectors are assigned to all of South Florida. The result can be legitimate doctors, pain clinics and home-health distributors that are unfairly targeted. And fraud can cause havoc for patients as well, when claims are denied because similar services have already been paid as a result of fraud.

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Miami federal charges allege real estate scam resulted in $7 million in bank losses

A 29-year-old Miami man is facing criminal charges in connection with a South Florida mortgage fraud scheme that reportedly bilked banks of more than $7 million, the South Florida Business Journal reported.

Our Miami criminal defense lawyers continue to report on the large number of mortgage fraud charges being filed since the real estate market collapsed. Banks that made highly questionable loans are now seeking criminal charges against customers who may have been less than honest about income or other factors disclosed on loan applications. In some of these cases, clients who have been victimized by the economic downturn are now facing criminal charges.

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Miami DUI defense lawyers should always represent motorists charged in the wake of a serious or fatal accident

A 56-year-old man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison on charges of DUI manslaughter in Miami for a fatal drunk driving accident that left two Maryland tourists dead, the Miami Herald reported.

Authorities say the defendant was driving on a suspended license as the result of a previous DUI conviction in Broward County. A Miami defense lawyer should always be called to defend a motorist facing a drunk driving charge, particularly in cases where a serious or fatal accident is involved. Keeping a drunk driving conviction off your record can have a drastic impact on the potential penalties for being charged with a subsequent offense. Additionally, in cases where an accident is involved, a defense attorney will work to defend you against the DUI allegation while investigating the cause of the accident. If it can be proven that you were not responsible for the accident, or that you were not driving while impaired, a reduction or dismissal of the charges may result.

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Los motoristas que enfrenten cargos por estar acusados de accidentes serios o fatales, deben estar representados siempre por abogados defensores de DUI (Conducir bajo la influencia de alcohol, etc.) de Miami.-

Segun reporta el Miami Herald, un individuo de 56 anos de edad ha sido sentenciado a 12 anos de prision por cargos de DUI y homicidio involuntario, por haber estado involucrado en un accidente fatal en el que fallecieron dos turistas de Maryland, mientras conducia embriagado en Miami.

Las autoridades reportan que el acusado conducia con una licencia suspendida, como resultado de una previa conviccion por DUI en el condado de Broward. Un abogado defensor de Miami debe ser llamado siempre que un motorista enfrente cargos por conducir habiendo consumido alcohol, especialmente en los casos en que haya ocurrido un accidente serio o fatal.Evitar que una conviccion permanezca en su record puede tener un impacto drastico en las subsecuentes condenas en caso de futuras ofensas.Adicionalmente, en casos donde ha ocurrido un accidente, el abogado defensor se esforzara por defenderlo de una acusacion de DUI, mientras se averigua la causa del accidente. Si se comprueba que usted no ha sido responsable del accidente, o que no conducia intoxicado, el resultado puede ser que los cargos sean reducidos o aun desechados.

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