20 From South Florida Charged in $40 Million Mortgage Fraud Scam

Twenty people from the Miami area have been charged in an alleged mortgage fraud scam that includes real estate and banking professionals, The Miami Herald reports.

Prosecutors are at it again. They keep bringing these mortgage fraud cases in Miami that have little evidence to prove fraud. In many cases, the suspects are simply bankers or real estate professionals — agents, title companies and others who are part of the real estate process — who were doing their jobs. Someone lost money, however, and all of a sudden it’s “fraud.”

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Six-Year, 100-Percent Spike in Cyber Crime in Miami Requires Legal Action

CNNMoney reports some interesting numbers regarding the increasing popularity of thieves taking to the Internet to steal from consumers.

With Florida’s older population, those who use the Internet for banking or other transactions may be more susceptible to victimization. This is yet another reason why cyber crime in Miami has spiked in recent years. But it’s not just older Floridians who are put at risk. Younger, more tech-savvy consumers who use computers and phones for online banking, buying on eBay and shopping online are also at risk. No one is immune.

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Cybercrime in Miami, Nationwide Claims 1 Million Victims Daily

The website MainStreet.com is reporting that new research shows that 1 million people fall prey to cybercrime in Miami and elsewhere throughout the United States every day.

It’s a staggering number, and a situation that has far-reaching consequences. Everything from a person’s identification to credit card and bank account information are being stolen and used by fraudsters as a way to steal money. Meanwhile, the victim’s credit could suffer and their security is threatened. These victims require representation from a Miami cybercrime attorney who has spent years prosecuting, defending and bringing lawsuits related to cybercrime.

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Four From South Florida Accused of Home Loan Modification Scam

The U.S. Department of Justice has charged four men the government alleges were involved in a loan modification scam.

Since the collapse of the real estate market, state and federal prosecutors have spent a good amount of their time trying to find anyone they can prosecute for mortgage fraud in Miami.

Sadly, this strategy has ensnared innocent people. And this requires an aggressive Miami Mortgage Fraud Defense Lawyer who spent years as a white collar crimes prosecutor and knows how the state and law enforcement approach these cases.

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Alleged Cash-Checking Scam Lands Three in Boca Raton Jail

Two Miami-Dade residents and a Miramar man are in jail, accused of depositing and cashing fraudulent checks, The Palm Beach Post is reporting.

Check theft charges in Miami can sometimes be difficult to prove for the state because knowledge that a theft is taking place is a required element to prove the charges.

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