Honest Services ruling sets free South Florida defendant convicted in real estate fraud case

A man charged in a high-profile case of real estate fraud in South Florida has been released on a signature bond as a result of the “honest services” ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Our Miami federal defense attorneys first reported the case of Samir Cabrera on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog in July. Cabrera, the wife of an NBC-2 News anchor in Fort Myers and the son-in-law of then-Lee County Manager Don Stilwell, was convicted under the “honest services” statute of making $2.8 million by flipping property without disclosing he was part owner. The case was made even more sensational after Frank D’Alessandro, whose real estate company Cabrera worked for, disappeared while kayaking off the New Jersey coast — leading to speculation he was on the run until his body was located several days later.

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Aggressive prosecution calls for aggressive defense in case of wife facing manslaughter charge after husband’s suicide in Miami-Dade

Miami-Dade manslaughter charges have been filed against a woman who allegedly handed her husband the gun that he used to kill himself, the Miami Herald reported.

The circumstances of this case guarantee it will be watched closely by criminal defense attorneys in Miami as well as attorneys and court watchers throughout the nation. While the case is bizarre, it is the defense that is presented, and what she is ultimately convicted of, that counts.

The Herald reports the woman was tired of bickering with her husband and listening to him complain that he wanted to die. So she asked him if he wanted his pistol. When he said “yes,” she tossed it on the couch next to him and he shot himself in the head.

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Ex-Wackenhut managers facing White Collar criminal charges in Miami

Five former managers for Wackenhut Corporation, one of the nation’s oldest private security firms, are facing white collar criminal charges in Miami for allegedly billing Miami-Dade County for “ghost posts,” according to CBS4.

The allegations first came to light in November 2006, when the Miami-Dade police department’s Public Corruptions Investigations Bureau began investigating whether the county was being billed for hours when guards were not at their posts — known as “ghost posts.” The questionable billing dates to 2002.

With the high-profile collapse of corporate giants like Enron followed by the disaster on Wall Street, state and federal officials have grown more zealous in prosecuting managers for alleged criminal wrongdoing under their supervision. Unfortunately the enthusiasm has not come with the additional manpower and training such complex cases require. Here we have five employees facing criminal charges over whether or not guards were stationed at posts nearly a decade ago. The length of the investigation alone is enough to raise questions. An experienced Miami criminal defense lawyer will need to thoroughly review the results of this investigation and build a proper defense.

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O’Neal case highlights risk of computer crime in Miami

A bizarre case involving basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal highlights how vulnerable each of us has become when it comes to computer crimes in Miami and throughout South Florida.

CNN reports a former assistant of O’Neal’s accuses him of stealing his personal information and attempting to frame him on child pornography allegations after the assistant attempted to blackmail the superstar over an alleged extramarital affair.

Our Miami criminal defense attorneys frequently report on the dangers of computer crime in South Florida — we reported earlier this year on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog that 3 of every 10 computer crimes in the United States originate in Florida.

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Two Miami-Dade men sentenced to federal prison for conspiracy to commit Medicare fraud

Two defendants were sentenced to several years in federal prison in connection with a Medicare scam that bilked the system out of $2.8 million, the Miami Herald reported.

Hiring a federal criminal defense attorney in Miami who is experienced in white collar criminal defense is critical to protecting your rights amid health care fraud allegations.

We reported earlier this year on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog that Medicare and health care fraud has replaced drug trafficking as South Florida’s largest criminal enterprise. Authorities have dedicated scant resources to the issue yet have announced a series of high-profile arrests. Being wrongly accused can have a devastating impact on a defendant or a legitimate health care provider or business. The best defense to criminal charges is an experienced and aggressive offense.

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