Two high-profile murder cases involve juvenile crime, domestic violence in Miami

Two high-profile murder cases are making news across the state, one involving domestic violence in Miami and the other involving juvenile crime in Overtown.

The Miami Herald reports that the husband of a state prison guard has been charged with murder after his wife was found stabbed to death outside the couple’s home. Meanwhile, lifelong friends in Overtown have been arrested and charged with killing each other’s brother, the Herald reports.

A criminal defense lawyer in Miami will need to represent each of the brother’s separately; the state will likely seek to charge them as adults. In the case of the prison guard, the husband’s attorney will need to see if there was a history of domestic violence involved in the killing and will work to have any such history excluded from the trial.

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Authorities continue to file mortgage fraud charges in Miami; small-time investors not immune to criminal prosecution

A 59-year-old man is facing mortgage fraud charges in Miami for allegedly providing false information on loan applications, the South Florida Times reports.

Our Miami criminal defense lawyers continue to report on the large number of fraud charges being pursued by state and federal authorities. We believe those facing charges deserve immediate access to an experienced and aggressive law firm that possesses the knowledge and experience necessary to fight such charges.

Having lost billions through lax lending processes (which led to ever-increasing bonuses), the banks are now screaming for criminal charges. In this case, the defendant is accused of providing false information on loan applications to purchase five properties in Brevard, Orange and Miami-Dade. The total value of the properties was in excess of $ 1million.

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Domestic violence charges, restraining orders, require experienced criminal defense in Miami

A police officer has been suspended in the wake of an accusation that he violated a restraining order in Miami.

Domestic violence charges, weapons charges or restraining order violations can be particularly devastating to police officers, members of the military and others who routinely carry or handle weapons as part of their job. A conviction can prohibit you from owning or possessing firearms and can prevent you from working in certain professions. A Miami criminal defense attorney should always be called to handle a domestic violence complaint in South Florida. Such allegations are often made during an emotional breakup or pending court case involving divorce or child custody. Failure to mount a proper defense can negatively impact such court cases and can even prevent you from returning home or visiting your children.

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Botched bank robbery leads to federal criminal charges in Miami

A 31-year-old Miami Gardens man is facing bank robbery charges in Miami after authorities say he crashed his car while attempting to flee from a Bank of America, the Miami Herald reported.

Investigators say he was involved in a failed attempt to rob an armored car in Miramar — a Brinks security guard was killed.

A federal criminal defense lawyer in Miami should always be contacted to defend those facing bank robbery charges. Charges involving banks or U.S. currency, including bank robbery and counterfeiting, are federal offenses investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and/or the U.S. Secret Service. As such, they require an aggressive and comprehensive defense by an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to handle cases in federal court.

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A Miami police officer sentenced to prison for ID theft.

A Miami police officer has been found guilty of identity theft, and for the violation of a person’s civil rights. The officer was accused of using an accident victim’s ATM card and of stealing more than $460, The Miami Herald reported.

Christian Alvarez-Vega, 37, responded to the scene of a car accident on January 11th and drove home the victim, according to federal court records. Afterward, he found her bank card in his patrol car. Later in the day, he used the card to withdraw money at a supermarket ATM. He made two cash withdrawals totaling $460. Alvarez-Vega pleaded gulty to both counts in July.

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