Teenagers and college students frequently charged with drunk driving in Miami as classes resume

Our Miami DUI defense lawyers are frequently called upon to represent college students and even teenagers who have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in South Florida.

However, we too often see or hear of students and young people who choose to plead guilty to drunk driving charges in Miami in an effort to quickly put an embarrassing incident behind them. For college students, they may think their parents will not even find out. For teenagers, a parent may decide to force a child to plead guilty, either to save money or to teach a young person a lesson. Sometimes, parents mistakenly believe that the charge can be sealed or expunged at a later date.

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5 insurance reps face criminal charges in connection with allegations of insurance fraud in Miami

Five insurance adjusters in South Florida face insurance fraud charges in Miami after being accused of racketeering and grand theft for allegedly participating in false auto insurance claims, National Underwriter reported.

A Miami criminal defense lawyer experienced in handling white-collar crimes in South Florida should always be consulted when dealing with complex financial crimes. When it comes to insurance fraud, and particularly claims involving auto insurance, South Florida has the nation’s highest fraud rate.

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Bizarre incident leads to federal prosecutor being charged with a felony sex crime at downtown bar

A bizarre case out of downtown has led to the arrest of a federal prosecutor on a felony sex charge in Miami after he went swimming in his boxer shorts at a hotel swimming pool, the Miami Herald reported.

This case illustrates the fact that the government can charge you with just about anything. It is what you are convicted of that matters. Hiring an experienced Miami criminal defense attorney is always your best option for protecting your rights. In this case, a federal prosecutor could very well be convicted of a felony sex crime and lose his job for what might have been an inadvertent incident at a local bar swimming pool.

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“ChiPs” star admits to fraud charges in Miami after feds accuse him in Penny Stock scam

The former star of the “CHiPs” television show has agreed to plead guilty to charges in connection with stock fraud in Miami, the South Florida Business Journal reported.

The investment fraud case is the latest in a long string of white collar crimes in Miami reported on by our Miami criminal defense lawyers. Larry Wilcox, 63, who played officer Jonathan Baker on the hit TV show, admitted to conspiring to defraud a pension plan of $40,000 and could face up to 5 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Wilcox lives in southern California but traveled to South Florida to meet with informants and undercover FBI agents before being charged, the Business Journal reports.

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Miami residents facing racketeering and fraud charges as part of convenience store ring

Twenty-three people from five counties have been arrested on racketeering charges for allegedly running a fraud ring involving 13 convenience stores and more than $1 million in unreported sales, unemployment and corporate taxes, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Those facing fraud or racketeering charges need to consult with a Miami criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to represent defendants facing complicated financial crimes. In this case, a 131-page affidavit details the 3 1/2 year investigation, was filed on the day of the arrests. It will take an experienced attorney and an experienced law firm to pour over the detailed information and build a proper defense.

Among those arrested were 22 owners or store employees as well as a Delray Beach-based accountant. Agents accuse the store owners and employees of selling taxable items as tax exempt. The 53-year-old alleged head of the operation and his 47-year-old wife were arrested in Delray Beach and taken to Miami-Dade County Jail.

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