Navigating the Grievance Committee Process

A grievance committee is made up both of lawyers and non-lawyers and functions much like a grand jury in a criminal case. This is a critical stage in the Bar Defense process, as the committee’s function is to determine whether there is probable cause to proceed with the filing of formal disciplinary charges against you. If your bar complaint is forwarded on to a grievance committee, you will be asked to respond to the complaint, for what will now be the second or third time, both in personal interviews with a grievance committee investigator and in writing. You may also be asked to produce documents, evidence and other items.

Many lawyers are not aware as to whether or not they can make objections to these requests and the Bar’s prosecutors are not about to inform you if an objection can be made. Many lawyers do not know if they are entitled to request a live hearing before the grievance committee or even if such a request would be in their best interests. Matters of policy, rule and strategy often guide these decisions. Our attorneys know what the Bar prosecutors and grievance committee members will focus on and what factors will sway their decision to vote for or against probable cause. Let the experienced lawyers of Barakat Law stand beside you and guide you through the difficult and potentially embarrassing grievance committee process.