Six-Year, 100-Percent Spike in Cyber Crime in Miami Requires Legal Action

CNNMoney reports some interesting numbers regarding the increasing popularity of thieves taking to the Internet to steal from consumers.

With Florida’s older population, those who use the Internet for banking or other transactions may be more susceptible to victimization. This is yet another reason why cyber crime in Miami has spiked in recent years. But it’s not just older Floridians who are put at risk. Younger, more tech-savvy consumers who use computers and phones for online banking, buying on eBay and shopping online are also at risk. No one is immune.

And for that reason, cyber crime has become more and more of a problem in recent years. Law enforcement has tried to get a handle on it, but by and large they fail. Sometimes they charge people who are innocent, who require an experienced Miami cyber crimes defense attorney. Victims also require an attorney who can help them recover money lost or deal with the company that doesn’t do enough to protect them.

According to CNNMoney, the cost to U.S. companies for data breaches has had a tremendous increase in the last six years.

  • 2006: $61 billion
  • 2007: $78 billion
  • 2008: $85 billion
  • 2009: $90 billion
  • 2010: $105 billion
  • 2011: $130 billion

That’s a staggering amount of money that companies are spending when hackers breach their security systems, and includes in some cases having to repay customers who have been victimized. High-profile hackings at Sony and Citigroup highlight the need for companies to take these potential breaches more seriously in order to protect customers.

The article also reports that cyber-thieves aren’t just taking people’s credit card information in order to steal their identities. They are also going after the company’s trade secrets. Statistics show that stolen data translates to companies losing 3.7 percent of their customers on average.

The companies are also paying more than $150 million to clean up after the attack, which includes stolen information, and repairing the breached areas and the stolen documents. Companies are now spending upwards of $80 billion a year on cyber-security. That, too, has doubled since 2006.

The data shows that negligence and computer errors, however, still make up the majority of unprotected information that gets out into the public realm.

While companies are spending billions on security, the hackers and cyber-thieves are simply doing a better job. Many people have used their training in security to do just the opposite, causing the problems that have plagued our society since the Internet has become so widely available across the globe.

Many people who are arrested are falsely accused, and also, many victims aren’t properly represented in the criminal process. While prosecutors will attempt to get back money that was lost, it may not be enough to cover the damage caused by a well-plotted cyber attack.

A Miami cyber crimes attorney with years of experience handling these types of cases must be brought in to ensure a defendant’s rights are upheld and a victim’s interests are kept in the forefront.