Miami-Dade Health Insurance Scam Busted; Experienced Criminal Defense Needed

A recent arrest by Miami-Dade schools police alleges that operators of a health clinic were paying school district employees and falsifying medical bills, costing the school district about $1 million in bogus claims, The Miami Herald reports.

Florida is rife with problems stemming from medical-related fraud and, as the Miami Criminal Attorney Blog has reported, Miami has been called the epicenter of Medicare Fraud. Miami Fraud Defense Lawyers believe that the over-hyped situation in Florida sometimes leads law enforcement and prosecutors to believe the worst in bringing cases to a grand jury for indictment.

In the case in Miami, police arrested a woman who ran Opera Health Clinic, which prosecutors allege billed the school district for medical procedures never performed on about 100 school employees. An undercover agent with a hidden video camera received $400 in cash and was billed for about $5,500 in procedures that were never done, the story says. Two school employees also were arrested and charged with recruiting patients for the scam.

The cash-strapped school district dropped UnitedHealthcare and became self-insured in 2009 to save money. It now offers employees free basic insurance or additional coverage based on a percentage of the worker’s salary.

According to police, the scam paid $400 in kickbacks to each client per visit, even though the “patient” had no health problems. Recruiting for the clinics got people another $50.

Mortgage fraud in Miami, white collar crimes and drug charges can all involved federal authorities and charges in federal court. Seeking advice from a lawyer who has experience dealing with the federal courts and the rules and procedures is a critical first step toward protecting your rights.

Medicare fraud, for instance, is a federal offense and Miami is the epicenter. About $3 billion of the country’s $60 billion to $90 billion in fraud occurs here each year. Other economic crimes, such as Ponzi schemes in Miami are also prevalent in South Florida.

And as these scams and schemes get more and more news media attention, authorities’ redouble efforts to crack down on these white collar and economic crimes. That means that anyone who may have a tip for police will be heard and it’s possible an innocent person or small business owner will get ensnared in a big investigation, ruining their reputation and careers.

That’s why consulting with Miami Criminal Defense Lawyers as soon as possible is critical to your case. Preparing a defense from the earliest stages of a case is your best bet for protecting your rights and your reputation.

So, when authorities make an arrest, secure an indictment or simply call asking for information on another person, we can be prepared to negotiate, defend and come to an appealing resolution in the case. These are complex crimes to defend and authorities often take months or years to work on an arrest. If you know you are being investigated or believe you are in danger of being arrested, call today.