Miami Cyber Crimes Defense Important as Cases Get More Attention

Crimes classified as cyber crimes — including security breaches online — have a large financial impact on the companies that are hacked, possibly as much as $1 trillion globally, a recent CNN article says.

As cyber crimes continue to get attention in the news media, prosecutors and judges will be more and more likely to drop the hammer on sentencing people charged with these crimes. That’s why hiring an experienced Miami Computer Crimes Lawyer is so important to make sure your rights and upheld and all avenues for defending these charges are explored. As we reported last year here on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, Florida is among the nation’s leaders in the origination of computer crimes.

Most computer crimes in South Florida are considered third-degree felonies and are punishable by up to five years in prison. Some of these offenses, such trying to defraud or obtain property (815.06), can be considered second-degree felonies and are punishable by up to 15 years in a state prison.

And if you think politicians aren’t following the news and looking to increase penalties to try to satisfy the voters, you’re wrong. It’s likely that in the coming years, these penalties will become more severe and more laws will be passed to keep up with the world of cyber crime.

As the recent Sony PlayStation Network breach illustrated, these crimes can occur on a large scale. As Bloomberg reports, the breach of more than 100 million online gamer accounts cost Sony nearly $171 million. The company has recently shut down networks in Canada, Thailand and Indonesia because of threats of unauthorized users. Sony had to shut down the network for 23 days after confidential information was hacked.

Other large-scale companies, such as Lockheed Martin, have had to fend off cyber attacks where people seek valuable information about their products. The computer antivirus software company McAfee reported recently that malware programs, which are designed to hack into computers and inflict viruses, have reached six million. But while the security must be repaired, these companies also see their stocks plummet and investors become leery of getting involved, the CNN article points out. It can be a public relations nightmare.

White collar espionage to career credit card fraud cases can all carry serious penalties in Florida and therefore they should be properly defended. Miami Cyber Crimes Lawyers helped form the Cyber Crime unit at the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office and lectures other attorneys on the ever-changing world of cyber crime in Miami.

If you are charged with a computer-related crime and want the best advice, consult with Miami Cyber Crime Lawyers today.