Spring Breakers face increased enforcement: DUI, alcohol violations common throughout Miami Beach area

Complaints last year have authorities promising to do a better job of cracking down on partygoers during this year’s Spring Break festivities in the Miami Beach area, according to The Herald.

Those facing spring break charges in South Florida should consult a Miami criminal defense lawyer right away to help protect their rights and to ensure that the case is handled in a way that minimizes disruption to life or school schedules back home. Common charges include DUI in Miami, drug charges, assault and battery, public intoxication, open container, public lewdness and underage consumption of alcohol.

In some cases, these charges can negatively impact student aide, including scholarships, and may impact your ability to hold certain jobs or obtain certain occupational licenses. Starting your adult career with a criminal charge on your record can have all sorts of unintended consequences. Miami spring break lawyers know what it takes to fight for your rights, work to keep you out of trouble and out of jail, and resolve your case with the bare minimum of involvement from you or disruption to your life at home or school. In some cases, a case may be contested and/or resolved without your ever needing to appear in court. Other cases can often be worked around your schedule if you have an attorney and limited to a single appearance.

And we understand cost is a factor when choosing to hire an attorney: Hey, we went to college, too.

After a 2010 spring break season that featured trash strewn beaches and drunken teenagers, police and code enforcement officers have vowed to step up undercover enforcement.

Just two weeks into this year’s special enforcement period (which ends April 3) police had searched 1,630 coolers (it is legal for them to do so only with your consent or probable cause), issued 273 code violations, poured out more than 500 bottles of alcohol and arrested 71 people. Last year police were accused of letting things get out of hand, and ultimately handled a double-stabbing and a fatal shooting on South Beach amid reports of couples having sex in condo hallways.

This year, police began receiving complaints last week but residents report law enforcement is being much more proactive. From a defense perspective, such “proactive” enforcement often means questionable arrests and/or unfair treatment.