Miami called “Epicenter” of Medicare Fraud – Experienced federal criminal defense attorney is critical

Three doctors and 18 others are charged with stealing $200 million in a Medicare fraud scam in Miami involving patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia, Bloomberg News reported.

Miami federal criminal defense lawyers know how serious such charges can be, especially when a doctor, nurse or other medical professional or business owner is charged with criminal wrongdoing.

Drug charges in Miami, economic crimes and cyber crimes often involve federal authorities. Seeking the advice of an attorney experienced in federal court is critical to defending yourself against charges brought by the U.S. government.

Prosecutors allege American Therapeutic Corp., and its sister organizations, faked medication and care charts and paid owners of assisted living facilities and halfway houses to bring patients to mental health centers for therapy sessions that were never held. As we reported recently on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, Miami led the nation last year in criminal cases involving Medicare fraud.

An indictment handed down by the grand jury in this case alleges the company billed Medicare for therapy and medical services for patients who suffered from severe dementia; the patients were not eligible for the services because they were reportedly so impaired that they could not benefit. Instead of providing counseling, patients were allegedly bused in and watched TV for hours.

Four of the company’s owners and top managers were taken into custody in last October. Sixteen were arrested Tuesday. Additional charges and arrests are possible, according to authorities.

American Therapeutic Corp. operates the nation’s largest chain of community mental health centers. Mental health scams are an increasing issue, according to authorities, who report medical equipment scams and scams involving physical therapy and home health care continue to be an issue.

Miami is the epicenter for Medicare fraud in the nation, with about $3 billion of the country’s $60 billion to $90 billion in fraud occurring here each year.