Whether juvenile or adult, robbery and burglary are serious criminal charges in Miami

Several defendants are in custody this week after being charged with armed robbery in Miami.
Under Florida Law (812.13) armed robbery is extremely serious because a firearm enhances the potential penalty to life in prison.

A robbery charge in which no deadly weapon is used is punishable by up to 15 years in prison. The great concern in a juvenile case is the potential to have the defendant charged as an adult. That would subject the child to the full sentence possible under the law. Robbery is much more serious than burglary, which alleges the theft of property without the physical intimidation, threat of violence or violence against the victim.

In one recent case, the Miami Herald reports that a sub shop manager foiled an armed robbery attempt by a teenager. A videotape at the West Sunrise Boulevard shop shows a young man with a T-shirt over his face entered the store with a revolver in his hand on Sunday. The defendant allegedly pulled the trigger during the robbery, and when the gun only clicked, the manager was able to disarm the teen.

As with all criminal charges, a Miami juvenile defense lawyer should be called to handle all serious misdemeanor and felony charges involving teenagers. Parents too often assume the consequences of such convictions will magically disappear with childhood. The reality is that a criminal record frequently follows a teenager into adulthood, where it has a wide ranging impact on a young person’s quality of life, including their ability to qualify for student loans, join the military and hold certain jobs.

In a separate case,News-7 reports a Southwest Miami-Dade man has been arrested and charged with robbing several taxi drivers. He is facing several armed robbery charges in Miami. Investigators say the defendant and an alleged accomplice were captured on videotape exiting a taxi at a Publix on Ninth Street and Southwest First Avenue, where one of the robberies occurred.