Miami residents facing racketeering and fraud charges as part of convenience store ring

Twenty-three people from five counties have been arrested on racketeering charges for allegedly running a fraud ring involving 13 convenience stores and more than $1 million in unreported sales, unemployment and corporate taxes, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Those facing fraud or racketeering charges need to consult with a Miami criminal defense attorney with the knowledge and experience necessary to represent defendants facing complicated financial crimes. In this case, a 131-page affidavit details the 3 1/2 year investigation, was filed on the day of the arrests. It will take an experienced attorney and an experienced law firm to pour over the detailed information and build a proper defense.

Among those arrested were 22 owners or store employees as well as a Delray Beach-based accountant. Agents accuse the store owners and employees of selling taxable items as tax exempt. The 53-year-old alleged head of the operation and his 47-year-old wife were arrested in Delray Beach and taken to Miami-Dade County Jail.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement began the investigation in 2007, after allegations that the stores were reporting consistently low sales on state tax returns. The affidavit alleges that the Delray Beach couple began working at South Florida convenience stores in the 1980s and opened Manzu & Khan kosher deli and market in Delray Beach in 1990. Over the next three decades, they allegedly set up more than 118 corporate entities to own and control convenience stores, in some cases using imaginary people as partners.