Domestic violence charges, restraining orders, require experienced criminal defense in Miami

A police officer has been suspended in the wake of an accusation that he violated a restraining order in Miami.

Domestic violence charges, weapons charges or restraining order violations can be particularly devastating to police officers, members of the military and others who routinely carry or handle weapons as part of their job. A conviction can prohibit you from owning or possessing firearms and can prevent you from working in certain professions. A Miami criminal defense attorney should always be called to handle a domestic violence complaint in South Florida. Such allegations are often made during an emotional breakup or pending court case involving divorce or child custody. Failure to mount a proper defense can negatively impact such court cases and can even prevent you from returning home or visiting your children.

In this case, the Miami-Dade police officer is accused of violating a restraining order in place to protect his ex-girlfriend; he allegedly attempted to talk to her on a Miami Beach boardwalk on Sunday.

Another point worth making in regards to restraining and protection orders is the use of social media. In an increasing number of cases, the alleged violation occurs through Facebook or Twitter or via text message or e-mail. Just as such orders forbid you from attempting to make contact through letters or a family friend, they likewise prohibit contact through such electronic means.

The officer’s relationship with the woman had already come to the attention of investigators because her new boyfriend was fatally shot during a reported robbery. That incident occurred on June 28 in front of his home. Days earlier, he had complained to Miami-Dade’s internal affairs that the defendant was harassing him by issuing him an illegal ticket. Police have not indicated whether they suspect the officer was involved in the homicide; although investigators have identified a known gang member as a person of interest.

The department reported that the officer has been suspended with pay pending the outcome of the investigation.

The alleged victim was granted a temporary domestic violence restraining order after alleging that the officer broke into her Royal Oaks home and assaulted her at knifepoint.