A Miami police officer sentenced to prison for ID theft.

A Miami police officer has been found guilty of identity theft, and for the violation of a person’s civil rights. The officer was accused of using an accident victim’s ATM card and of stealing more than $460, The Miami Herald reported.

Christian Alvarez-Vega, 37, responded to the scene of a car accident on January 11th and drove home the victim, according to federal court records. Afterward, he found her bank card in his patrol car. Later in the day, he used the card to withdraw money at a supermarket ATM. He made two cash withdrawals totaling $460. Alvarez-Vega pleaded gulty to both counts in July.

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Alvarez-Vega was one of eight people arrested in a move by Miami police’s public corruption squad. After the arrests were made public, the Miami-Dade State Attorney questioned some of the arrests, and mentioned errors made during the procedures,resulting in the refusal to prosecute five of the eight people arrested.

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After Alvarez-Vega’s conviction, only two other cases of the original eight accused continue: in state court in south Florida, officers David Valentin and Daniel Fernandez still face official misconduct and theft charges, The Miami Herald reports.