Fake Doc faces criminal charge in Miami for injecting alleged cure for saggy butts

A woman is facing white collar criminal charges in Miami after being charged with impersonating a doctor and offering injections that reportedly cured dropping behinds, the Miami Herald reported.

While impersonation of a doctor is a relatively rare charge, an increasing number of medical professionals are finding themselves in need of a white collar criminal defense attorney in Miami, including those charged with health care fraud.

Authorities report the saggy butt scam dates back decades, and resulted in the death of a Carol City woman that sent a South Carolina man to prison in 2001. In some case, the injections are not silicone, Botox or some other approved chemical, but instead range from super glue to “Fix-a-Flat” tire inflation products.

The defendant was arrested after allegedly convincing a 22-year-old woman that she was doctor who could improve the looks of the woman’s buttocks. The defendant had flyers advertising buttocks augmentation injections and said she was a doctor who had recently moved to Miami from Los Angeles. The woman met with the defendant two more times and ultimately paid $1,100 for the augmentation.

She claims the procedure went wrong from the start. Despite being told she was receiving anesthesia, she reportedly passed out from the pain and later developed a severe infection that required surgery and a hospital stay of several weeks.

The defendant was arrested and charged with two counts of unlicensed practice of a health care profession and practicing or attempting to practice medicine without a license. She was released on jail on a $15,000 bond.