O’Neal case highlights risk of computer crime in Miami

A bizarre case involving basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal highlights how vulnerable each of us has become when it comes to computer crimes in Miami and throughout South Florida.

CNN reports a former assistant of O’Neal’s accuses him of stealing his personal information and attempting to frame him on child pornography allegations after the assistant attempted to blackmail the superstar over an alleged extramarital affair.

Our Miami criminal defense attorneys frequently report on the dangers of computer crime in South Florida — we reported earlier this year on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog that 3 of every 10 computer crimes in the United States originate in Florida.

O’Neal’s attorneys says the star was sued after refusing to pay a former assistant $12 million to return physical and electronic files that were stolen by the assistant. The assistant’s attorney alleges the e-mails, texts and pictures were from accounts in the assistant’s name that were used by O’Neal to contact various mistresses. The lawsuit alleges O’Neal attempted to use contacts in law enforcement to have the assistant arrested on child pornography charges.

Whether it is bank account information, personal information like social security numbers, or other potential valuable data, computer intrusion can result in fraud, identity theft and other crimes. Computer crimes also require an experienced defense attorney who understands the complex world of cyber crime.

CNN reports O’Neal’s assistant is an ex-con who has served time in prison in Wisconsin for misusing Social Security numbers.