Juveniles facing criminal charges in the Miami area after Aventura mall brawl

A brawl at a Miami area movie theater led to the arrest of numerous teenagers, some of whom were shocked with stun guns and otherwise subdued by police, the Miami Herald reported.

Teenagers should always be represented by a qualified Miami criminal defense lawyer. But particularly in cases like this, where law enforcement has little or no idea of what took place and simply begins arresting whoever they can put their hands on. Frequently, the real instigators are not caught, and those who had little or no responsibility for the incident find themselves holding the bag.

At least five police departments responded to the brawl among more than a dozen teenagers at an Aventura mall; the teens had arrived for the openings of the movies “Lottery Ticket” and “Takers.” Several hundred people reportedly fled the scene after a fight broke out in the box office line before spreading to theaters, across the mall and into the parking lot.

NBC Miami reports that 16 people were arrested, including a dozen juveniles. Police used tasers on those resisting arrest and several officers were struck. Other minor injuries were reported. Police departments responded from North Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach and Miami-Dade County.

The Herald subsequently reported that mall officials were going to meet to talk about increased security measures. Frankly, mall security should have quickly put a stop to this situation before it got out of control. A Miami juvenile defense lawyer can make sure the consequences are not compounded by a teenager being criminally convicted.

At least three suspects were charged with felonies, including battery on a police officer and resisting arrest with violence. The mall’s security force typically includes nine off-duty Aventura police officers.