Criminal charges levied against Homestead teacher illustrates need for aggressive DUI defense to save job

A Miami-Dade elementary school teacher has been removed from the classroom after being arrested for drunk driving and charged criminally this month for allegedly threatening the police officer, the Miami Herald reported.

Hiring a Miami drunk driving defense attorney is critical for many reasons: jail time, driver’s license suspensions, community service, alcohol assessment and skyrocketing insurance premiums often follow a DUI conviction. And the charges are frequently defensible — particularly for first-time offenders. State DUI conviction rates show only about half of motorists charged with DUI are convicted of the crime in any given year. The increased penalties for a subsequent offense is another excellent reason to fight the charges — as is the increased risk of being stopped and questioned by law enforcement after you have a drunk driving conviction on your record.

But employers are increasingly taking a zero tolerance approach to drunk driving. Meaning that hiring an aggressive and experienced defense lawyer can be vital to protecting your job, your livelihood and your financial well-being.

In this case, the teacher at Dr. William Chapman Elementary School has been reassigned to office work, pending the outcome of the case. The 42-year-old woman was stopped on Aug. 4 when an officer said she was swerving in an out of traffic on South Homestead Boulevard. Police report she also threatened to allege that the officer molested her during the arrest.

The officer reported she had “watery eyes, flushed face and slurred speech.” This is typical probable cause cited on most DUI arrest reports. About 175 people a day are charged with drunk driving in Florida, according to the Florida Highway Patrol. It is entirely possible that all 175 of today’s reports will cite “glassy, bloodshot eyes and an odor of alcohol” as part of the arrest.

And it is just as meaningless in the hands of an experienced defense lawyer.

The defendant told the media that she was handled roughly by the officers, who said they were going to report her to the school district.

She is charged with DUI, battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting an officer with violence.