Miami credit card fraud could signal thousands have been victimized by identity theft in South Florida

A Miami man is facing federal fraud charges in connection with a South Florida computer crimes case involving stolen credit card information, according to the Attorney General’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

Our Miami computer crimes attorneys continue to report the large number of charges involving computer crimes in South Florida. As we reported on our Miami Criminal Attorney Blog, federal investigators estimate that nearly one-third of the nation’s computer crimes originate in Florida.

In this case, the defendant was charged with conspiracy to traffic in unauthorized credit card numbers and to possess unauthorized credit card numbers with intent to defraud; trafficking in unauthorized credit card numbers; and fraudulent possession of equipment to make credit cards. The indictment alleges that the crimes occurred from November 2007 to May 2009 and involved purchasing credit card information that has been stolen and fraudulently obtained through the Internet. He allegedly resold the information to others, who used it to make fraudulent purchases. He is also accused of manufacturing cards using the stolen information. Authorities claim he purchased 26,669 credit card numbers over the course of the scheme.

Identity theft is a serious problem and finding that your credit card information or other personal data has been stolen can be devastating. Victims can spend years trying to clear their credit and restore their reputation. Consulting a Miami identity theft attorney can protect your rights. Computers have made identity theft, forgery and other crimes easier than ever, while making it extremely difficult for a victim to thoroughly shed themselves of the damage identity theft and credit-card fraud can do to their reputation and financial well-being.

In most cases, a consumer’s obligation to pay debt is limited in cases where fraud is blamed for erroneous charges. However, strict reporting requirements and other legal requirements apply and failure to properly report fraud can expose a victim to enormous liability. Additionally, credit card companies are not always forthcoming in making victims aware of their rights and their limited liability in such cases.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experienced necessary to defend clients against allegations of computer fraud or credit card fraud. And we put that knowledge to work in helping victims restore their digital reputation when a scam threatens to ruin their credit and leave them with thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges.