Miami public corruption cases deteriorates as prosecutors continue to drop charges

Charges have been dropped in the cases of five of eight public officials arrested in a high-profile Miami fraud investigation, the Herald reported.

The unraveling of the cases put together by a Miami police corruption squad illustrates the importance of hiring an experienced and aggressive Miami defense attorney when facing white collar crimes like corruption or fraud charges. This case is a prime example of why defendants need to vigorously defend themselves against unproven allegations made by law enforcement.

Most recently, charges were dropped against a former deputy director of the city’s General Services Administration after an assistant state attorney admitted the case lacked proper documentation and could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. The arrests began to unravel as soon as the were announced; that same day, the state attorney’s office questioned four of them and subsequently announced its displeasure that the arrests were publicized.

At the time of the arrests, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado hailed the news as the beginning of an end to public corruption.

“Today is the beginning of the end of the culture of corruption in the city of Miami. This is not another scandal. This is not another black eye for the city of Miami. This is something that we had to do,” Regalado said as quoted by Channel 10. “This is something that we promised the people of Miami, to look into the wrongdoing in all the departments of the city of Miami and to rectify those issues that were done wrong in the past.”

Last month, prosecutors announced they would not pursue fraud charges against four employees of nonprofit agencies, who were accused of shaking down undercover detectives and a confidential informant. The accused were employed by programs that assisted accused or convicted criminals attend court hearings and comply with court-ordered community service hours.