Woman faces criminal charges after allegedly fleeing the scene of an accident with a Miami motorcycle cop

A woman has surrendered to authorities after being blamed for a hit-and-run Miami car accident that seriously wounded a motorcycle police officer, the Miami Herald reported.

A Miami defense lawyer should be hired to represent anyone facing criminal charges involving a South Florida car accident. In this case, the woman is charged with leaving the scene of an accident with serious injuries and driving without headlights.

Lisa Caridad Garcia, 28, of Miami, surrendered to police after officers began distributing images of her vehicle captured on a surveillance camera.

The Doral police officer suffered a broken leg, a fractured hip and injuries to his arm after a driver struck him head-on while he was riding his motorcycle on Southeast 35th Terrace near 102nd Avenue. The driver left the scene but officers distributed fliers containing images of the suspect vehicle obtained from a security camera at a nearby residence.

The officer had slowed down to turn left when he was struck by a 1999 Lincoln Continental that was driving without headlights. He was in the area as part of a DUI saturation detail at the time of the accident.

CBS4 reported that Garcia has since bonded out of jail. Law enforcement located her as the result of a Crime Stoppers tip before she surrendered to authorities at the police station.

Florida law (F.S. 316.062) requires anyone involved in an accident to stop, provide basic information to authorities, and render aid.

Motorists are required to provide their name, address, vehicle registration information and driver’s license.

Under the law, penalties may be enhanced if an accident is caused by a drunk driver, or if the victim suffers serious or fatal injuries.